SAP HANA is one of the highly demanding skill in the market. HANA technology is improving rapidly to meet the customer requirements and many customer started upgrading their existing HANA systems to HANA 2.0 version. You can quickly ramp-up your HANA skills to meet your day to day job demands.

Here are few highlights of the course:

  • You will learn about the real-time problems and steps to solve them.
  • You learn about different types of ETL modelings. We'll cover end to end solution which you can immediately apply in your project.
  • Window partitioning commands are very powerful. with very few lines of code you can solve great challenges.
  • Many new features introduced in HANA 2.0. We'll cover new features by using Web IDE instead of HANA Studio so you'll be more familiar with this tool.
  • Hierarchies are long waiting featured from SAP and finally they are introduced in HANA 2.0. Let's crack it.
  • You'll get extensive problems to solve. It'll sharpen your SQL skills. Not just problems, we'll provide solution as well.
  • There many more...Please check the curriculum for more details.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic understanding of SQL & HANA system. If you are a beginner I strongly recommend to take our "SAP HANA SQL Scripting - Step 1" course

Who this course is for?

  • Any one who is working in SAP / SAP HANA and willing to improve their SQL skills
  • HANA Developers who is willing to upgrade their DB skills to next level
  • To get familiar with HANA 2.0 and Web IDE.
  • Need extensive problems to solve and become strong in HANA SQL.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Database - 1 Setup

    • Temporary Tables

    • Transpose a String

    • String Aggregation

    • SQL Query Order of Execution

    • Referencing an Aliased Column in the WHERE Clause

    • Common Table Expression (CTE)

    • Complex data sorting

    • Aggregate before calculate

    • Calculate before Aggregate

    • Fetching Random Records from a Table

    • Data Cleansing with REPLACE_REGEXPR

    • Create a table with same structure of other table

    • History Table

    • Time travel Query

    • Identify missing values

    • Transforming NULLs into meaning full

    • Casting to decimal issue

    • Common records between two tables

    • Triggers

    • Cleanup procedure using Cursor and Dynamic SQL

  • 2

    SQL in HANA 2.0

    • Connecting to Web IDE

    • Web IDE Overview

    • First Project in HANA 2.0 using Web IDE

    • Connecting to HDI container from HANA Studio

    • Creating a new work space in Web IDE

    • Column store is default

    • CREATE or REPLACE procedure


    • BETWEEN operator and BOOLEAN Type

    • SEARCH Operator for Table Variables

    • Variable declaration using LIKE

    • Create CDS table

    • Create Table Function

    • Create Procedure

    • Debugging using Web IDE

    • Debugging Cont...

  • 3

    ETL Modeling

    • Inventory Snapshot -1 (Introduction)

    • Inventory Snapshot -2 (Setup)

    • Inventory Snapshot -3 (Procedure creation)

    • Inventory Snapshot -4 (Error Handling)

    • Delta Load -1 (Introduction)

    • Delta Load -2 (Setup)

    • Delta Load -3 (Stored Procedure)

    • Delta Load -4 (Testing)

    • Delta Load -5 (Duplicate records handling)

  • 4

    OLAP & Window partitioning

    • Window Functions Introduction

    • Row Number ( )

    • Rank( ) vs Dense Rank( )

    • Second Highest Salary

    • Cumulative Totals

    • Windows Framing

    • Moving Average

    • Lead( ) Lag( )

    • Stock price difference

  • 5

    Practice Marathon

    • Introduction

    • Database Setup

    • Entity Relationship (ER) Model

    • Countries where customers exist

    • Count of Contact titles

    • Who is the supplier of each product

    • What’s the shipper company name for order ID 10250

    • Total number of products in each category

    • In which city T4H have maximum number of customers

    • Products that need reordering

    • Products that need reordering - Cont.

    • Customer list by region

    • High freight charges

    • Employee order details

    • Customers with no orders

    • Customers with no orders for EmployeeID=4

    • High-value customers

    • High-value customers with discount

    • Month-end orders

    • Orders with more line items

    • Random orders

    • Double entry orders

    • Double entry orders - Cont.

    • Late order deliveries

    • Late orders by employee

    • Late orders vs total orders

    • Late orders vs total orders – Missing Employee

    • Late orders vs total orders – Percentage

    • Customer Grouping

    • Customer Grouping with percentage

    • Customer Grouping with control table

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