This is the first comprehensive online course on SAP HANA SQL & SQL Scripting. Since many SAP customers are moving from traditional databases to HANA, there are lots of requirements for HANA developers and architect. so this is the right time to start. This comprehensive tutorial covers all most all SQL and SQL scripting features with real-world examples to become HANA SQL developer. 

    1. Walk you through steps to setup your HANA studio for the first time.

2. Introduce HANA Express Edition (HXE) which is a free HANA Developer version for learning and prototyping purpose.

    3. Key HANA concepts (Row store vs Column store and Delta Merge)

    4. Multiple sample databases created by us for learning and practice

    5. Start with very basic SELECT SQL statements to advanced stored procedures using SQL Scripting.

    6. Covers each and every key word of SQL & SQL Scripting.

    7. More than 5 ways to create a table.

    8. Imperative and Declarative statements.

    9. Extensive content on SQL Scripting.

  • Scalar UDF's
  • Table UDF's
  • Stored Procedures
  • Scripted Calculation views.
  • Table Variables, Input Parameters etc..

    10. Provided detailed explanation on best practices to follow and real world examples.

    11. HANA Certification SQL part is covered.

    12. Special features like IDENTITY, Dynamic Filters, Exception handling and many more.

    13. Development objects and Design time Objects.

    14. Core Data Services (CDS).

By end of this course you will be very confident on SQL & SQL Scripting.

Note: If you already have the SQL foundation knowledge, please check out our "SAP HANA SQL Scripting - Step 2" course.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No need of any prior SQL knowledge. We'll start from very basics.
  • Access to SAP HANA System. If you don't have access to HANA system, HXE is the option go get a free system. we'll explain about HXE.

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who is working in SAP / SAP HANA
  • Who wants to start a career with SAP HANA
  • Interested in learning Database Technologies

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Setup and understand HANA Studio

    • HANA eXpress Edition

    • Row Store vs Column Store

    • Delta Merge

  • 2

    Reading data from a table

    • Understanding Sample Data 1

    • Reading Data

    • Comments

    • Sorting Data

    • Filtering Data (Basic)

    • Understanding NULL and NOT NULL

    • Filtering Data (Advanced)

    • IN operator

    • LIKE operator

    • DUMMY table

    • Calculated columns

    • CASE Expression with Exercise

    • Solution to CASE Expression

    • Functions

    • Aggregating Data

    • Exercises

    • Solutions

  • 3

    Reading data from multiple tables

    • Sub Query

    • Understanding Sample Data 2

    • Set Functions

    • CROSS Join

    • INNER Join

    • INNER Join Exercise

    • INNER Join solution

    • OUTER Join

    • OUTER Join solution


  • 4

    Development Objects

    • INSERT Data


    • Create schema

    • Data Types

    • Create Table - Part I

    • Create Table - Part II


    • Create Table - FORM based

    • Create Table with Reference

    • Exercise - Create Table and Insert Data

    • Solution – Create Table and Insert Data

    • Load data from file

    • Changing tables

    • Views using SQL DDL

  • 5

    SQL Scripting

    • Introction to SQL Scripting

    • Scalar Functions

    • Design Time Object (Scalar Function)

    • Exception Handling

    • While Loop

    • Table Functions

    • Dynamic filter

    • Elements of a Stored Procedure

    • Stored Procedure

    • Table Variables

    • Table Type

    • Call Procedure ‘WITH OVERVIEW’

    • Build Transactions application

    • Exercise: Data Generator Application

    • Solution: Data Generator Application

    • Scripted Calculation View

    • Scripted Calculation View using Input Parameters

  • 6

    Core Data Service (CDS) Intro

    • Create Table – Design time Object: HDBTable

    • Create Table – Core Data Services: HDBDD

    • Importing data from file using CDS option

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